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Yes or No

When an American says ‘sure’ to a Brit, does it mean yes or no?

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When American Lynne Murphy says “sure” to her British husband, he thinks she means “not really.”

Bob Bradley during his first game as a Premier League manager, Arsenal v Swansea City, Emirates Stadium in London. October 15, 2016.

This American soccer coach was criticized for being too American

The assassination of President Lincoln: at Ford's Theatre, Washington, DC, April 14th, 1865.

After Lincoln’s assassination, no one wanted to see the play he was watching — until now

A late-19th century print that called Noah Webster the "Schoolmaster of the Republic."

Four things you never knew about Noah Webster, the ‘forgotten man’ of American history


Check out the church in Britain that celebrates John Smith, Pocahontas and the expansion of the English language

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