This Holocaust survivor convinced a Dutch rail firm to make reparations

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During World War II, hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Netherlands paid for the train, operated by the Dutch state-run company NS, which later deported to them death camps. The parents of Holocaust survivor Salo Muller were on one of those trains. 

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After seeing France’s rail company, SNCF, pay a compensation fund to Jewish survivors in the United States, Muller decided to act. He met with the director of NS and discussed performing a similar action for Jewish families in the Netherlands.

And at the end of November, he won that campaign. NS set up a commission to compensate Holocaust survivors and their immediate family.

Muller is well-known in the Netherlands as the former physiotherapist for the famous Dutch soccer team, Ajax. He’s also the author of his memoir, “See You Tonight and Promise to be a Good Boy,” which were also his mother's last words to him she was taken away by the Nazis. 

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