Superbowl Ads: new Old Spice ads poke fun at P&G’s history of sexist advertising

Procter & Gamble's new Old Spice ads make fun of the company's history of chauvinist ads for products like Bounce and Charmin, which often featured happy housewives whose lives are fulfilled by fresh-smelling laundry and sparkling bathrooms.

Two new commercials (from ad agency Wieden & Kennedy) featuring former NFL player Terry Crews start the usual way: A woman starts waxing lyrical about Bounce or Charmin—and then Crews bursts in, yelling about Old Spice body spray like a drill sergeant.

Such cross-promotions are really unusual. It's even more unusual for P&G to make fun of its own advertising. It’s also a really a smart strategy. While men wear Old Spice, women—who do most of the household shopping—are the primary purchasers of the product.

Mallory Russell is a writer for Business Insider.

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