State of the Union address: Republican reactions

Obama's State of the Union address last night provoked a mixed response from his conservative critics.

Here are some of the responses to his speech:

Indian Gov. Mitch Daniels blamed Obama for the divisive politics, Fox News reported.  

No feature of the Obama presidency has been sadder than its constant efforts to divide us, to curry favor with some Americans by castigating others. 

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney attacked Obama for his failed leadership, CBS News reported. 

Tonight will mark another chapter in the misguided policies of the last three years— and the failed leadership of one man.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was extremely disturbed by the SOTU, the Associated Press reported.  

I'm actually very disturbed by the speech tonight. The president is on the verge of committing economic malpractice.

Herman Cain, who delivered the Tea Party response to Obama's speech wanted more facts, according to Politico.  

With all due respect to the president, some of us are not stupid. The state of the union is not good. We want common-sense solutions. That’s how we do it outside of Washington, and we happen to believe we need more common-sense solutions inside of Washington…We did not hear the real facts about our state of the union. Facts don’t lie. 

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