South African company offers naked maids, handymen (VIDEO)

A new South African cleaning company is offering service with a smile — and, well, not much else.

Clients can hire maids, handymen, cooks and plumbers, all of whom will work topless or fully naked.

Jean-Paul Reid, 29, was an unemployed accountant in Cape Town when he got the idea to start Natural Cleaning Co., "the world's only all-naked service company," he told South African daily The Times.

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Reid also has accountants, computer geeks, yoga instructors and personal trainers on the payroll.

However, he said there are strict rules for both clients and employees, many of whom are unemployed actors and models.

"It is not sexual; it is purely for entertainment purposes and obviously for the service," Reid told the newspaper. "There is a third-year law student who offers light legal advice, and an accountant who could help with your taxes."

The company's website warns that its staff "are for entertainment purposes and not sexual services. Our cleaning staff will not unblock toilets or drains, wash animals or perform any cleaning work that will leave them looking or feeling dirty and smelling undesirable! Soliciting prostitution is not allowed."

Reid told Agence France-Presse that he wants to expand his business to neighboring African countries, and maybe even overseas to Australia and the United States.

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