Russian fed fired for jumping out of window, drunk

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A member of Russia's federal Investigative Committee has been fired for jumping out of his office window while drunk, Ria Novosti reported.

The committee's chairman, Alexander Bastrykin, personally ordered the dismissal of jumper Alexander Vastrushkin following an internal investigation into the incident.

According to a translation, the agency's website refers simply to "an act prejudicial to the rank of officer of the Investigative Committee" that occurred on Jan. 20.

Ria Novosti adds the details of the incident, which came to light via an anti-government blogger:

The incident took place on Thursday at the committee office in Ulyanovsk, some 750 kilometers east of Moscow.

Last week, the committee’s central office dispatched a commission to Ulyanovsk to look into multiple reports of botched investigations by local officials.

Vatrushkin climbed out of a first-floor window during the commission’s visit but was promptly detained outside the building and brought back in by people who came to lodge complaints with the commission, local opposition activist Alexander Bragin said on his blog earlier.

It's not the first time a Russian law enforcer has embarrassed himself on the job. In June, the Saint Petersburg Times reported, an officer in Leningrad earned himself the nickname of the "peeing police colonel" when he got drunk, stripped to his underwear and urinated on the door of his office – and was captured on CCTV doing so.

A colleague uploaded the footage online – and was subsequently forced to resign, as was the colonel. Watch an edited version of the video here (warning: contains pee).

Meanwhile whistleblowers posted several internet accounts of rampant police corruption and exhortion, prompting new legislation that bans officers from publicly voicing their opinions, Radio Free Europe reported last year.

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