Romney’s stature, wallet warrant Secret Service protection

Mitt Romney’s stature and bank account have reached high enough levels to warrant Secret Service protection, the Associated Press reported.

The extra security could begin as early as today.

According to federal requirements, a presidential candidate can request the Secret Service if they’ve met certain standards, such as fundraising and popularity as measured by polling results, the AP said.

Romney travels with modest protection, according to the AP. Two or three private bodyguards – some former Secret Service agents – can be seen at campaign events.

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According to reports, 13 candidates received Secret Service details during campaigns, and none earlier than President Barack Obama did. Agents began following the then-Illinois senator in May 2007 for the 2008 election.

Hillary Rodham-Clinton, because she was a former first lady, had Secret Service protection as she entered the 2008 race.

ABC News said someone extended the offer to Romney’s campaign after crowds started to increase after the New Hampshire primary.

There are no specific threats against Romney that warrant the action, ABC said.

Crowds became especially intense Jan. 10 in Manchester, N.H., the National Journal said.

A SWAT team member and bomb-sniffing dog have also been seen at recent Romney events.

However, Romney isn’t the first candidate to garner the extra attention. Secret Service agents followed Herman Cain before he bowed out in November.

Romney appears destined to become the Republican candidate for president after a convincing win in the Florida primary on Tuesday.

The former Massachusetts governor took 46 per cent of the vote compared to 32 per cent for his nearest competitor, Newt Gingrich.

The Obama camp appears ready for Romney, BBC News said.

Obama for America issued a stinging release today attacking Romney.

“The more voters get to know Mitt Romney and understand his record not as a job creator, as he claims, but as a corporate buyout specialist who as governor drove his state to 47th in job creation, the more they dislike him,” the release said.

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