Playboy and Virgin Galactic float idea of a Playboy club in space


Jane Jetson would be shocked, though Judy may pick up some weekend work to help pay tuition.

Playboy has floated the idea of a Playboy Club in space, a "heaven-in-the-heavens" featuring a private "orbital pleasure dome."  

The adult magazine company founded by Hugh Hefner in 1950s outlined its vision — developed in conjunction with the space tourism company Virgin Galactic — in the March edition of Playboy.

Live Science reported that the imagined super-club featured a zero-gravity dance club, a casino featuring "human roulette, a zero-gravity bungee jumping facility, a restaurant for fine dining, and the "orbital pleasure dome."

Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson, is developing the world's first space tourism venture. The company has several spacecraft in the testing phase and last year launched Spaceport America, where flights will blast off from, in southern New Mexico. 

(More from GlobalPost: Virgin Galactic unveils "spaceport" in New Mexico with a Richard Branson drop-in and Champagne)

Branson, the tycoon and owner of Virgin, also recently won the rights to the .xxx domain of his name.

(GlobalPost reports: Sir Richard Branson has won rights to '')

"As Virgin Galactic gets closer to becoming the world's first commercial space line, Playboy is eagerly pondering the creation of the ultimate intergalactic entertainment destination," Playboy editorial director Jimmy Jellinek said in a statement, reported. "This heaven-in-the-heavens will exceed starry-eyed travelers' wildest dreams, and guests will truly experience a party that's out of this world."

According to Live Science, Playboy worked with several futurists and scientists, including Virgin Galactic head designer Adam Wells, to illustrate the potential space Playboy Club. The images are featured on the Live Science website.

"The Playboy Club in space will be on a station in orbit, like a cruise ship," Playboy writers A.J. Baime and Jason Harper wrote. "Orbiting Earth is one idea, but it could also travel around other celestial bodies." [Gallery: Playboy's Space Club & Other Private Space Station Ideas]

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