Musharraf will ‘certainly’ be arrested: Pakistani PM tells CNN (VIDEO)

Pakistan’s former president, Pervez Musharraf, will “certainly” be arrested upon his arrival back in the country, Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani told CNN on Friday.

"In fact there had been murder charges against him, and there had even been some very grave charges against him, and the Supreme Court had already given a verdict against him," Gilani told CNN. "Certainly when he'll come back, he has to face those charges and certainly be arrested.”

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Prosecutors have said Musharraf will be arrested on arrival in Pakistan based on charges that he failed to provide security for Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister, before her assassination in 2007, the BBC reported.

Musharraf denies any wrongdoing and has been living abroad since he stepped down from office in 2008. In early January Musharraf said he still planned to return to Pakistan. He was expected to announce the date of his return soon.

But on Friday the Associated Press reported that an aide to Musharraf called off a plan to return to his homeland. Mohammad Ali Saif, the general secretary of Musharraf's All Pakistan Muslim League, said the former leader had decided to stay in self-exile due to the strained political situation in Pakistan, the AP reported.

Musharraf did not attend a news conference scheduled in Dubai on Friday. He has been living in Dubai and London since 2008.

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