Mitt Romney has a Google problem, too

We all know about Rick Santorum's "Google Problem." (It's a bit awkward to describe — if you don't know, we suggest you Google his name and discover the magic for yourself.)

However, Santorum's not the only one with websites dedicated to defaming him. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has apparently angered enough people to get his own embarassing website: The site gives the following fictional definition of the phrase Romney "1. To defecate in terror. See also: santorum."

Who did Romney anger? Well, the site is apparently payback for what the GOP presidential frontrunner did to his dog.

The page links back to a Huffington Post article about Romney's dog, Seamus, who was strapped atop the family car when the Romney family went on vacation.

While is a political stunt engineered by columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage, was created by Jack Shepler, a web designer who was horrified by the story of the dog.  

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Shepler found that even worse than Romney's initial decision to drive with the dog on the roof, was what Romney did when he pulled over during the trip and found Seamus covered in his own filth.

"His reaction was to clean off the van and the dog, and put the dog right back in the carrier," Shepler said to Rolling Stone. "You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals. The man doesn't seem to have any empathy. The last person we want as president is a multi-millionaire with no empathy for his own dog, let alone people."

But Shepler has been baffled by the site's popularity.  

“When I launched the site, I shared it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Google+,” Shepler wrote in an email to ABC News. “Since then, it has simply been reposted and reshared by site visitors and my own followers and friends. I have not done any other promoting of the content besides answering interviews with reporters.”

He isn't the only horrified dog-lover, either.  Activist group Dogs Against Romney demonstrated against the candidate's treatment of animals outside the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York earlier today, USA Today reported.  

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