Man tried to rob Irish bank dressed as a woman, but his beard gave him away

A man who tried to rob a building society with a male accomplice disguised as a wealthy, wheelchair-bound woman has appeared in court in Ireland.

Martin Collins, 21, made an appointment at a branch in the Dublin suburb of Clondalkin in October 2010, the Metro Herald newspaper reports.

He showed up in what staff described as an "ill-fitting suit" accompanied by an unshaven man in woman's clothing and an unconvincing black wig sitting in a wheelchair.

Collins pushed the wheelchair into the office of the manager, Michael Doyle.

At this point, the Belfast Telegraph describes how the 'woman' stood up from the wheelchair, produced what was supposed to look like a shotgun and shouted: "get down on the floor."

Doyle says he quickly realized that the person was male and that the shotgun was a hatchet.

"Would you ever f**k off," the manager reportedly shouted at the pair before telling them to "stop being stupid."

Collins then produced a similar weapon, hit the manager in the legs and fled the scene in a car that was waiting outside. They were arrested a short time later.

On Tuesday, at the Dublin District Court, Collins, who has 55 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

His co-accused will face trial later this year. 

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