Louis Sarkozy, French president’s teenage son, accused of throwing tomato, marbles at policewoman

Louis Sarkozy, the youngest son of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, was witnessed throwing marbles, paper pellets and a tomato at an on-duty policewoman in Paris, according to French radio station RTL.

Louis, 14, was playing with two friends last Thursday in a courtyard of the Elysée Palace – his father's official residence – when the officer noticed a number of small objects thrown in her direction, a police source told the station today.

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First, a marble rolled in front of her; then a tomato; finally another marble hit her in the cheek, the unnamed source said, in an account also given to Agence France Presse.

When the officer asked a group of military police stationed across the street who had thrown the projectiles, they immediately identified Louis Sarkozy and his friends.  

The policewoman was not hurt in the incident. She reported it to her superiors, but is not seeking to press charges.

According to Le Parisien newspaper, President Sarkozy took time out from campaigning for re-election to meet the officer on Friday morning and apologize for his son's behavior, which he apparently described as "the unfortunate act of a child."

The policewoman has reportedly been offered a transfer to another post.

Sarkozy's sons – he has three, by his first and second former wives – have made unfavorable headlines before, the Guardian pointed out: the eldest, Pierre, 26, was flown back from Ukraine in a luxury jet last month after complaining of a stomach ache, at a cost of €40,000 ($52,500).

Meanwhile middle brother Jean, 25 and already a local councillor in the wealthy Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, was tipped to become head of the capital's business district, La Défense, in 2009 – until accusations of nepotism force him to withdraw his candidacy.

Louis spends most of his time in the US with his mother, Cécilia Attias, who divorced Sarkozy in 2007.

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