Iphone stoves confiscated in China

Chinese officials found almost 700 stoves bearing the iconic Apple logo in a pair of warehouses in the southeastern Chinese city Wuhan, China's M.I.C. Gadget reported

The single-burner gas stoves were being confiscated for posing a consumer safety hazard when officials discovered they were labeled iphones, and bore the iconic Apple logo, it said. The stoves were also marked as being produced by Apple China Limited. 

The iphone stoves are among the latest in a string of fake Apple branded products that have emerged in China, including high-top sneakers, speakers, even fake Apple stores

"Apparently it's no longer enough to do an Apple knockoff, now they are slapping the Apple brand names on products that have nothing to do with what Apple makes," the L.A. Times said

The stoves may be the first documented case of of the Apple logo being slapped on a kitchen appliance, Mashable said

As new fake Apple products keep emerging, Apple is fighting for the iPad name in China. 

A Chinese company has sued Apple, the world's most valuable company, saying it actually owns the rights to the iPad name in China. The suit has resulted in iPad sales being blocked in some cities while iPads have been seized in others. 

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