Greek debt crisis: insult upon insult

The World

My thanks to Faisal Islam (@faisalislam) of Britain's Channel 4 news for pointing me toward this story in the Athens News.

Yiorgos Trangas, a radio host for Real FM, called German Chancellor Angela Merkel a "dirty Berlin slut" live on the air recently. Now, the station has been fined 25,000 euros ($33,260) by the National Council of Radio and Television for the outburst. He was judged to have "abused the Greek language" and used an obscene word to describe Merkel.

Which of course makes you wonder what Rush Limbaugh's fines would reach, if the U.S. had similar kinds of regulations governing broadcast speech.

Meanwhile, ten German journalists are on trial in Athens for their part in publishing a cover story in the German magazine Focus, which shows the Venus de Milo giving the third finger to the world with the headline "The Swindler in the Euro-Family."

Clearly, Greco-German sensitivities need to be attended to.

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