FBI raids the wrong apartment, chainsaws the door (VIDEO)


You'd think they would have knocked first. 

The FBI chainsawed through a door in Fitchburg, Massachusetts on Thursday, only to realize that they had the wrong apartment, the Associated Press reported.

The agents held Judy Sanchez facedown on the floor at gunpoint for 30 minutes while her 3-year-old daughter cried in the next room, according to the AP.

“I was screaming, ‘You have the wrong apartment, you have the wrong apartment,’ over fifty times. And then I seen the big blade coming down my door,” Sanchez told local NBC station WHDH.

The officials were actually after another resident of the multi-unit building who is suspected of dealing drugs.

The FBI has since apologized to Sanchez. 

“The mistake was quickly apparent to the FBI agents who entered the apartment,” FBI spokesman Greg Comcowich said, according to the Boston Herald. “The assistant special agent in charge spoke with the resident to reassure and calm the resident and repeatedly apologized for the mistake." 

The raid was called Operation Red Wolf, a two-year investigation into drugs and weapon dealing. The agents did find their suspect, Luis Vasquez, who lived next door to Sanchez, WHDH reported.

He was arrested and charged for conspiracy to distribute cocaine base, according to the Herald. If convicted, Vasquez faces up to 40 years in prison, WHDH reported. 

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