Ethiopia: Recent tourist attack denied by Eritrea (VIDEO)

NAIROBI, Kenya — Politics is a dirty business, of course, but using the murder of innocent people to score political points is about as low as it gets.

Not that this has stopped Ethiopia and Eritrea who are both sending forth missives from their embassies to journalists blaming each other for the attack in a remote part of Ethiopia earlier this week that left five European tourists dead and two missing, presumed kidnapped.

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Ethiopia went first, blaming Eritrea for the attack within hours of it happening.

In a statement the government said: "It is already clear that the attack was carried out with the direct involvement of the Eritrean Government."

Perhaps, but where is the evidence?

The statement contains one sentence expressing "condolences" to the families of the dead while the remainder of the two-page document is given over to bashing Eritrea, its old and bitter enemy.

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Soon afterwards came the riposte from Eritrea accusing Ethiopia of "mendaciously implicating" it in the attack and then going on to argue that the Ethiopian regime's "narrow policies of exclusion and marginalization" had given rise to armed groups on its own territory.

It's as clear as mud who is responsible for this awful attack — Eritrean sponsored rebels or homegrown Ethiopian ones, or a group that is both at once — but using these murders to open yet another skirmish in their endless hostilities is a low point for both countries.

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Here's a video about the recent tourist attack:

Five Europeans Killed in Ethiopia

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