Eight-year-old in pyjamas takes parents car for a spin around New Zealand’s capital

An eight-year-old boy from New Zealand has been caught taking his parents' car for a joyride around central Wellington.

Yahoo News New Zealand says the car, a red SUV, was seen swerving down a main street and clipping a parked car just before 5am.

Lucas de Jong, a reporter from the local One News service saw the car while driving to work and followed it. 

De Jong says he thought the driver of the vehicle had been drinking and blocked him when he pulled into a hotel car park.

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According to the One News report, De Jong was surprised when a teary, eight-year-old in pyjamas emerged from the car.

He said he did not want to be at home and had taken the keys to his parents car.

He also admitted he had been driving for around five to ten minutes, and had hit more than one car on the trip.

The news.com.au website said the boy's parents had already contacted police to report his absense.

The boy is too young to be charged for the joyride, but his parents would be liable for any damage to cars, police said.

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