Bangkok bomber suspects visited Thailand’s “sin city”


The Iranians accused of plotting bomb attacks in Bangkok — including the man who blew his legs this week on a busy street — also visited Pattaya, Thailand's so-called "sin city" days before their capture.

According to this photo in the Bangkok Post, it looks like they had a great time. 

The Post offers an interesting account of the men through Nan, a Thai girl that spent several days with one of the suspects, Mohammad Khazaei.

The report isn't explicit about their arrangement.

But it's understood that any guy with cash who's seeking a young, female companion — rented by the hour or the day — will not go lonely in Pattaya. Some cities' downtowns harbor red-light districts. Pattaya's downtown, for the most part, is a red-light district.

Just one day after Nan and Mohammad parted — Feb. 13 — a covert bomber cell's safe house exploded in Bangkok (here's my photo of the hideout) and Mohammad's associate, Saeid Moradi, was writhing on the street after accidentally blowing his legs off below the knee.

But, with the help of police, Mohammad and Nan managed to reunite this week.

Nan was shuttled up to Bangkok by police to visit Mohammad in detainment and, according to the Post, her presence encouraged him to finally relaxed and eat food after days of refusing meals.

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