Australian website connects ex-lovers, explains why you were dumped

Why doesn't he love me anymore? A social media website recently launched in Australia has the answers. The site lets people send questionnaires to their ex-lovers asking why they were dumped, the Daily Telegraph reported today.

The site, WotWentWrong, first has jilted lovers send a letter to their exes politely explaining why they're writing. 

"When we ended things between us, it left me with some unanswered questions," a template letter says. "It would really help me if you could elaborate. Thanks so much!"

The message, sent via phone or email, then tries to guilt the former the object of your affection into filling out a survey. 

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"Help [name] move on,"  a message from WotWentWrong pleads to the person who dumped you. "Provide her with the insight she needs to move toward success in her dating life."

In the month since the site launched, it has had 50,000 visitors, Irish Independent News reported today. "Many people are scared to find out what went wrong, but when they do they are relieved that it's not their worst fears," the site's creator Audrey Melnik told the Independent.

But what happens if your ex just ignores the survey request? So far, only 25 percent of the requests for answers have been filled out by exes, ABC News reported. "We try to make it not to appear like a stalker or too clingy," Melnik told ABC. 

For the person who did the dumping, one of the main rules on the website is to "be nice," the Telegraph reported. However, the questionnaire includes explanations such as "too overweight" and "too hairy."

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