Another Zimbabwean loses his penis

There must be easier ways to kill oneself, even in prison.

Cleopus Nkomo, 27, a Zimbabwean man incarcerated in a Botswana high-security prison, has reportedly chosen the road less traveled.

He chopped his penis into pieces with a sharp razor blade, Kitwe Times reports.

He remains in critical condition.

Nkomo, a suspected rapist and serial killer facing four murder charges, was rushed to Nyangabwe Referral Hospital as prison wardens collected parts of his penis, Kitwe Times reports.

A surgeon tried to sew back the pieces, but sometime during the process, some parts – including the testicles – had gone missing.

Nyangabwe public relations officer Caiphus Gabana confirmed the accident:

“From what I can gather some of the parts were missing, but the surgeon who attended the patient tried to put together the pieces though the man was critically injured,” he said to the local correspondent.

“It’s just unbelievable he did all this to himself.”

Maybe so.

But the loss of one's penis is hardly an isolated incident in this part of Africa.

Just last week, another Zimbabwean had his penis bitten off by a crocodile.

And in December, a prostitute in Zimbabwe bit off the penis of a client who refused to pay her.

She then spat it out in the garden. (Sadly, there were no prison wardens to collect the pieces.)

Granted, chopping off somebody else’s manhood is not the same as cutting off one’s own. 

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