America’s Most Wanted fugitive nabbed in Montreal

Steven Dyer, a regular on America’s Most Wanted, is back in police custody after a decade running from a dozen sexual abuse charges.

Canadian authorities arrested the 44-year-old Scottsdale, Ariz., man in a Montreal airport after he arrived from Venezuela, the Montreal Gazette reported.

Dyer faces 169 years in prison in Arizona.

Someone tipped the Canadian Border Services Agency to Dyer’s arrival, spokeswoman Veronique Lalime said.

“He was travelling under a false identity,” she told The Gazette. “Right now, he is in detention in the Montreal region.”

The Globe and Mail said Dyer fled Arizona in 2002 after convincing a judge to reduce his bail to $100,000 from $2.5 million.

He travelled the United States using his brother’s name, eventually landing in the Vancouver area.

Dyer’s exploits drew the attention of America’s Most Wanted.

“(He) portrayed himself as a wealthy, upstanding citizen with a heart of gold, always willing to go out of his way to help others,” says. “But between 1999 and 2001, Dyer did the unthinkable.”

Dyer volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and repeatedly molested two boys.

But it's not clear when Dyer will arrive in Arizona.

CBSA learned Dyer was living in Vancouver late last year, Lalime said, allegedly crossing the border illegally.

"He broke Canadian laws as well, because he was living under a false identity, so he’ll have to face Canadian law as well," Lalime told CBC.

According to CBSA agents on Canada's West Coast, Dyer arrived in Canada eight years ago.

"Our investigation has indicated that he assumed his Canadian identity in 2004, so we know for sure he has been here since that time," Faith St. John told the Gazette.

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