Ukrainian woman becomes real-life Barbie

Tiny waist. Check.

Disproportionately large chest. Check.

Long, blond, straight hair. Check.

Long, weirdly spaced eye-lashes. Check.

Meet Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year-old Ukrainian model who has made it her life goal to become a live Barbie doll, the plastic icon made famous by US toy maker Mattel.

The logic of wanting to look like a Barbie doll in the first place aside, one must admit she has achieved her goal, including a vacant, doe-in-the-headlight staredown.

Lukyanova has become an internet sensation, although some sources claim she might be a Photoshop-perfected hoax.

After all, no woman can be this perfect.

Not to say there haven’t been other cases of women who attempted to look like the famous — if utterly disproportionate — female doll.

Take Sarah Burge, who was dubbed the "real-life Barbie" several years ago, after having plastic surgery reportedly costing about $800,000.

But perhaps no other Barbie-wannabe has come this close to looking like an actual, human-sized, Barbie-looking blow up doll.

For more disturbing pictures, visit her site.

Or, even better, watch this spoof video:

Lukyanova has described herself as "the most famous Russian-speaking woman on the Russian-language internet."

It’s a good thing she has perfected Barbie’s modesty, too.

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