Watch ‘Happy’: the Australian version with 12 beach dogs and 1 swimming cat

There’s a magical stretch of coastline in Queensland, Australia where dogs can romp, splash and wag their tails off. It’s Currumbin beach on the Gold Coast and it’s where Robert Dollwet filmed this “Happy” video — featuring 12 ecstatic dogs and 1 surprisingly cool cat.

It’s basically 3 minutes of doggy heaven set to Pharrell Williams’ smash hit, and it’s where we’d like to be right now.

“How does he get those dogs to line up?” Dollwet is a professional dog trainer and the dogs belong to his clients or live on the beach. “But don’t cats hate water?” Usually. But this one — a.k.a., Didga, the surfing and skateboarding cat — apparently thinks it’s a dog. BEST CAT EVER.

Hat Tip: Laughing Squid

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