Incredible tank cam takes Moscow Victory Parade to the next level

Each year Russians celebrate Victory Day on May 9th with a triumphal military parade in Moscow’s Red Square. The event marks the Soviet Union’s defeat over Nazi Germany and frankly, it’s a hell of a gun show.

It’s like any national holiday but because it’s Russia they also have a gigantic tank parade. We’re talking about 11,000 troops marching in formation. Columns of tanks and heavy artillery clanking past iconic landmarks. Combat aircraft — including helicopters and giant nuclear-capable strategic bombers — flying over St. Basil’s Cathedral.

You know, the kind of parade designed to make a certain superpower SUPER jealous. (No, not France.) Footage from today gives you a pretty good idea. Best of all, it includes tank and helicopter dashcams, so a little less cars-smashing-into-each-other and a little more epic-show-of-force than your typical Russian dashcam video.

This year Victory Day takes place amid intense conflict between Russia and Ukraine. According to Moscow Times, “some Muscovites noted on Twitter that this was the first time in many years that they had to wonder whether the jets were really just rehearsing or preparing for possible military intervention.” 

For those who can’t get enough Russia or enough tanks (or both!) there is a full hour version.

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