The French finally embrace the term ‘French kiss’

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In Australia, it's called pashing.

In Germany the term is knutschen.

In the UK they say "snog," and in the US the kids call it "making out."

Finally, after years of walking the walk — the French are finally talking the talk.

Yes, the French are no longer being tightlipped regarding their iconic kissing method and are finally embracingthe term "French kiss."

Galocher — to kiss with tongues — is among the new entries that are being added to the Petit Robert Dictionary 2014 edition, which hits the bookstore shelves on Thursday.

In French, "La galoche" is an ice-skating boot, so it has been suggested that the new term riffs evocatively on the idea of sliding around the ice.

While the French may be a little late to the soiree in terms of lip-locking lingo, that certainly doesn't mean they haven't earned their smooching stripes in other ways.

After all, a French kiss is so-called because at the beginning of the 20th century the French had a reputation for more adventurous and passionate sexual practices.

Until recently, however, French kissing in France was not-so-simply referred to as baiser amoureux or "lover's kiss" or more specifically, baiser avec la langue, or"kissing with the tongue." 

Now that the French have a quick, definitive way of describing their unofficial national pasttime — they will hopefully be able save some valuable time, allowing them to instead refocus their efforts on more pressing matters, such as… well, you get the idea.

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