What the world is saying in our global straw poll on the US presidency

Map showing World Vote results by country

Results as of Nov 1, 2016 in The UnConvention World Vote by PRI, Mic and 92Y.

Kuang Keng Ser/PRI

Wondering how the world might vote if everyone could choose a US presidential candidate? “[Donald] Trump is promoting an isolationist America, which appeals to me in Britain,” wrote Marc Windmill from the UK.

“Plus Trump is more likely to give Britain a good post-Brexit trade deal unlike Hillary [Clinton], [Gary] Johnson, or [Jill] Stein,” he noted, as he cast his ballot in our first UnConvention World Vote on the US presidency.

More than 15,000 people from 63 countries have voted so far — out of a global population north of 7 billion. That’s not much, so the “election map” below is still pretty lean and only just starting to get interesting. As you can see, though, so far Clinton (the blue countries) is in the lead in this unscientific, straw vote.

While the poll is not scientific, it does generally agree with a WIN/Gallup International poll from August/September 2016 that found Clinton leading in every one of 45 countries, except for Russia.

Our poll requires a Facebook account — one vote per account — to prevent zealots (and Russian hackers) from gaming it. Voters may also share the reasons for their choices in checkboxes, text or video.

Americans are participating, too.

“I'm not interested in voting in a demagogue, like Trump,” commented Maurice Fox, a middle-aged Clinton supporter from Arizona, “because I understand what demagogues are. Americans, by and large, do not.”

The 2016 election has been divisive for those in the US. Clinton and Trump have inspired as much as they’ve repelled, and they’ve caused enough controversies to last an entire presidency, let alone an election cycle. The UnConvention World Vote is showing that the election has been divisive around the globe, as well.

Because the outcome of the election will have far-reaching consequences for everyone, PRI created the World Vote, with collaborators Mic, and 92Y, to let people around the world have their say in 2016.

Of the voters so far, the majority said they supported Clinton because of her stance on the issues, her experience, and the fact that they don’t want Trump to win. “I am Mexican with family in the US,” wrote Hugo Ochoa, a Clinton supporter, “which makes me very interested in stopping Trump from getting into the Oval Office.”

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But many said they would vote for none of the major or third party candidates. “Being a leader means you look out for those around you. You get down on your hands and knees so those without a future can step on your back and reach their goals,” wrote Andy Potgieter of South Africa. “Until [I see] a leader that leads through compassion and liberty, I will refuse to pick a side.”

Those voting for Clinton listed social issues, such as abortion, marriage equality, and racial equality as the reason they’re backing the Democratic candidate. Those supporting Trump stated that jobs and concerns about the economy were their main reasons for voting for him.

Add your voice and help us fill out that election map. We’ll show preferences by gender and age group in our future updates and share the explanations people add to their votes. Be sure to participate in The World Vote, which runs through November 6.

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