Sister Act: The Rise of Haim

Studio 360

The three sisters of the pop-rock band Haimhave the kind of story biopic producers must dream about. Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim grew up in Southern California playing classic rock and '80s pop covers in a band called Rockinhaim with their father, a former Israeli soccer player, and mother, a singer who once won a gong on The Gong Show. The girls kept playing together, and after a foray into major-label teen pop with The Valli Girls, decided to start writing their own music.

Just a few years later, Haim'sdebut album, "Days Are Gone," broke into Billboard's top ten and lots of critics' best-of lists. The sisters played major festivals like Glastonbury and Bonnaroo --- and played "Rhiannon" at Stevie Nicks' house.

Their sound perfectly captures the vintage influences of their parents' music, while also borrowing from hip-hop and R&B. That open relationship with pop has earned the sisters lots of fans --- and a Grammy nomination for best new artist. "I don't think genres are a thing anymore," Este Haim tells Kurt Andersen. "That's what makes music exciting right now."

(Originally aired September 13, 2013)

Bonus Track: "Oh Well" (Fleetwood Mac cover) live in Studio 360

Bonus Track: "Honey and I" live in Studio 360

Danielle Haim of the band Haim