Teach Me How to GIFy

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Sharing GIFs is easy. Making GIFs is a bit harder --- but only a bit. There are lots of great tools you can use to enter our GIFy Valentine challenge, and you don't need any special equipment. Manyof the apps are free, and the ones that aren'tcost a couple bucks at most.

We've listedour go-totools below, but if you don't see your favorite,share it in the comments. You might need to use a few different apps to get the perfect GIF: one to create the right animation, and another to add the ultimate caption. Play around and let us know how it goes --- we're excited to see what you make!

If You're Using a Smartphone

Giphy Cam:addstickers and filters to new or existing photos and video

  • make a GIF on the go
  • add unicorns, pizza, and cats
  • good if you have preexisting video and want to add some funny effects/text to it

GifBoom: make GIFs on your phone and share them directly on social media

  • make new GIFs from new or existing media
  • share easily on any social network

Legend: animate text in your existing GIF

  • when you've already made a GIF with your photos, but need to add an extra bit of sparkle

Photo Candy: add filters, patterns, and text to your existing GIF

If You're Using a Laptop or Desktop

GIFMaker: good for stitching together photos

  • upload and stitch together a series of images
  • preview the final version
  • adjust size and speed
  • reverse the direction of your GIF

GiphyGIF Maker:upload your own videos or pull videofrom online clips

  • use ona YouTube or Vine video that contains a perfectGIF moment
  • upload ashort video clip already on your computer
  • add a simple caption to a GIF you already have

Giphy Slideshow: stitch together still images to make a GIF

Giphy GIF Caption: add a caption to an existing GIF

MakeGIF Video Capture: pullvideo from YouTube or Vimeo

  • browser extension for Chrome
  • allows you to capture sections of a longer video and translate itinto a GIF
  • choose the number of frames, speed and quality

GIF Paint: like MS paint, for GIFs

GIF Brewery: advanced editing without knowing Photoshop

  • more advanced subtitles (maybe two people are going to talk in the same GIF and you want subtitles to alternate)
  • fine-tune the size and frame count of the GIF

Giffing Tool: screen-grab anything on your PC and turn it into a GIF

  • PC-friendly
  • customize the frame of your GIF

GIF Grabber: screen-grabbing for Macs

  • Mac-friendly
  • customize the frame of your GIF
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