Talking Texas in Iran

Larry Hagman at JR in Dallas, watched around the world.

In the podcast this week, a Persian expression that includes "Texas." Also, the meaning of haka, beyond New Zealand's rugby fields. 


00:00 What is not Texas here?

01:00 Helt Texas "(Completely Texas" in Norwegian) explained.

02:02 Ashley Cleek asks her Iranian husband Reza about the Persian expression Inja Texas nist ("It's not Texas here").

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03:15 "Texas is like the uber United States."

03:30 Texas acts as a stand-in for an out-of-control place, says Deborah Tannen, professor of linguistics at Georgetown University. 

04:00 Reza Lucky Luke theory.

05:00 Ashley and Reza finally go to Texas. Reza calls his mom. 

06:00 Another great Texas story in a similar vein: Julia Barton on Dallas.

06:40 Rugby and the haka

8:05 The sound of the haka

09:50 In Maori culture, "the more ugly you are, the more beautiful you are," says New Zealander Corey Baker

11:40 A haka that challenges young, struggling Maoris to turn their lives around.

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