6 must-listen music picks for your summer

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Marco Werman and April Peavey.

Pop these discs in your car for a long road trip or turn up the volume on your MP3 player — here are our annual music selections.

Marco Werman's Summer Picks: 

1. Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band by Pat Thomas

2. From Kinshasa by Mbongwana Star

3. Lost and Found by Buena Vista Social Club

April Peavey's Summer Picks: 

1. Healer by Alex Cuba

2. What Pan Did for Me by Rudy Smith

3. Amanecer by Bomba Estéreo

  Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band by Pat Thomas

  A perfect introduction to the sounds of highlife, which is a little like Afrobeat, but a little mellower. 

  From Kinshasa by Mbongwana Star

 This album has been in constant rotation in Marco's car and house. Last month he spoke to Mbongwana Star's producer, Irish-born Liam Farrell.

  Lost and Found by Buena Vista Social Club

  This is kind-of like the "Basement Tapes" of the Buena Vista Social Club. It's a mix of live concert recordings, some experiemental stuff and music left on the cutting room floor. 

  Healer by Alex Cuba

  A very pleasing record that's light and breezy, and I mean that in a good way. 

  What Pan Did for Me by Rudy Smith

  A greatest hits package highlighting Rudy Smith's 60+ year career. My favorite track is "Sugar Daddy" recorded in 1971 by Smith's then-band Modern Sound Quintet

  Amanecer by Bomba Estéreo

  An overall great album and the kind of music you'll want to hear at a beach party!


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