Trump tramples Univision anchor in 'bizarre' performance

Donald Trump fields a question from Univision anchor Jorge Ramos during the press conference.
Scott Olson

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The endless piece of performance art that is the candidacy of Donald Trump took another surreal turn this week after the real-estate maven turned Republican booted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from a press conference, calling him a "very emotional person."  When challenged by journalists to defend his decision, Trump said Ramos was "out of order" and that he would bring him back in "two seconds," which he did, only to continue arguing with Ramos some more.  It was a spectacle that one conservative reporter at the press conference dubbed "the most bizarre thing I have seen in a lifetime of politics."  That's saying a lot for a man denounced by Mexicans as "ignorant" after he claimed that Mexico was sending rapists and criminals over the US border. Who was then transformed into a piñata and beaten with sticks. Who is so impulsive and brash that it's hard to tell what he really says from satire.  (No, he hasn't called for deporting all Kenyans from America. At least not yet.)  It's the candidacy that keeps on giving for media and Democrats; and, as Trump keeps leading the Republican polls and is viewed unfavorably by 75 percent of Latinos, could be a real nightmare for the GOP.


You guys watch Usain Bolt kick some sprinter butt this past weekend? He ran the 100 meters in 9.79 seconds, thus retaining his status as No. 1 sprinter on the planet. Whatever. He's got nothing on this guy: Peruvian Antonio Delgado, a retired psychiatrist, was also crowned a world 100-meter champion this month — in the category for 90- to 99-year-olds. Boom. Back in the day, Delgado was one of Peru’s best sprinters. In the 1940s he clocked a personal best of 10.9 seconds for the 100-meter. But he narrowly missed out on a place at the Pan American Games, which would have been his one chance to compete internationally during his sporting prime.  Rather than live a lifetime of regret, Delgado decided to just continue trouncing the competition well into his twilight years. Here is the 91-year-old Delgado beating a field of seriously fast seniors from around the world at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Lyon, France, stopping the clock in an awesome 19.76 seconds. Seems unreal.


Harapan is only 8 years old and already his burden is great. He is the last Sumatran rhino in the Western Hemisphere, and one of only about 100 left in the entire world. This sad reality has left him — indeed, left all of us — with little doubt as to the way forward. Harapan has no choice. He must go on an all-expense-paid trip abroad that will consist almost entirely of sex.  That's right! Pack your bags, Harapan! You're leaving your home in Cincinnati and moving to Indonesia, where, if all goes as planned, you will have enough sex to (hopefully) repopulate your species. Harapan was born at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in 2007. His departure marks the end of a Sumatran rhino captive breeding program that the Cincinnati Zoo has run since 1984.