Five Things You Had to See Online This Week

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This week in "Thanks, Internet"---Literary road trips are mapped, all the "Jurassic" movies in high heels, scaffolding enthusiasts find a home, one voice changes in different spaces,and Alex Trebek finally sings Rihanna.

1. Road Trips! Literally!

Planning a road trip this summer? Why not take the path already taken by your favorite novelists?! Atlas Obscura postedan amazing resourcethis week: a map of the United States that, "catalogs the country as it has been described in the American road-tripping literature." All your favorites are here, from Cheryl Strayed'sWildto Kerouac'sOn The Road. If you see the post's author, Richard Kreitner, on the street, you owe him a hug.


2. Welcome to Jurassic Heels

As a man, I feel somewhat uncomfortable critiquing the heroism or feminism of Bryce Dallas Howard's high heel-wearing-while-dinosaur-fighting character inJurassic World.Thankfully,everyoneelsehas alreadyweighedinon the debate. What I do know is that dinosaurs wearing high heels is hilarious, and thanks to Bryce's Claire, we now have this video and this arguably better GIF:


Thanks, Jon!

3. Support Group

They say there's a tumblr for everything, right? If not, they should, because there is. This week, we discovered "Scaffoldage," a tumblr dedicated to beautiful photos of scaffolding. You've got your scaffolding of the State of Liberty, your scaffolding of an ancient tree, scaffolding of a ski jump, and everything in between. Thanks, internet.


4. Hearing Voices

Why would you want to watch a guy sing the same song in 15 different locations? Because he does a really good job. Plus, you might learn a thing or two about reverb and sound waves. Everyone's a winner with this one!



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