Boom! Entrepreneur launches Donald Trump piñatas. In Mexico.

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Donald Trump piñata

If you’ve ever wanted to take a swing at presidential candidate Donald Trump, one Mexican artist will give you that chance — in the form of a piñata.

The bombastic real estate mogul has been fired by Univision, NBC Universal and now Mexico's Ora TV after slamming Mexican immigrants to the United States. No more Trump means no broadcasts of his "Miss USA'' or "Miss Universe pageants on those networks; no more episodes of "The Apprentice;" no more Trump partnership with Mexico's TV billionaire, Carlos Slim.

And no more Mexican contestant either. Mexico announced on Monday that it would pull its contestant from the "Universe" competition, and on Tuesday a third co-host bowed out of the "Miss USA" show. 

As Trump might say, every moment is a business opportunity. The brewery 5 Rabbit Ceveceria has received widespread publicity after pulling its beer from the Trump Hotel bar in Chicago, and artist Dalton Avalos Ramirez has been building piñatas for smaller-scale swings. The piñata is complete with Trump's classic swooping hairstyle.

“A lot of Mexicans are angry at this person,”  Buzzfeed quoted Avalos Ramirez as saying. “We’ve made piñatas of controversial people in the past and we thought it would be a good idea to make a piñata of Trump because a lot of people would like to hit him.”

Kim Kardashian pinata

Avalos Ramirez's shop is known for making piñatas in the shape of well-known celebrities, politicians and athletes.


Daniel Becerril/Reuters

Avalos Ramirez has made piñatas that look like Miley Cyrus, after she had dancers spank her with the Mexican flag on stage on the country’s Independence Day. He’s also created ones that look like Kim Kardashian and, more recently, Caitlyn Jenner.

Trump is unlikely to back down from his staunch anti-Mexico stance, but he did tweet this message on Friday.

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