Music heard on the air for December 3, 2014

The World
The World

These are the songs played between segments of Wednesday's edition of PRI's The World.

SONG: Goodbye
ARTIST: Jan Kaczmarek
CD: Hachiko – A Dog's Tale
LABEL: Varese Sarabande

SONG: Pushed But Not Forgotten 
ARTIST:   High Tide
CD:  Sea Shanties
LABEL:  Esoteric

SONG:  – Punkinhead Ahoy!
GROUP:  Il Sogno del marinaio – Mike Wyatt, Andrea Belfi, Stefano Pilia
CD:  La Busta Gialla

SONG: Dark-Eyed Kid
ARTIST: William Orbit
CD: Strange Cargo2 

SONG: What NY Couples Fight About
ARTIST: Morcheeba 
CD: Acoustic3
LABEL: Virgin

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