#ObserveEverything Reflection

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Here is a sampling of some of our favorite submissions from the #ObserveEverything Science Club project. As you listen along to our final #ObserveEverything discussion on October 24th, scroll through the submissions below to get the full experience. 

Bee Mites
"All the colonies in our sample have strength of 10,000 bees or more" - Gerald
Violin CT Scan
"We noticed that these makers may have had an idea about balancing the tops and backs, and the air volumes, that surprised us." - Violin maker John Waddle and Dr. Steven A. Sirr
"I never observed anything at length before. The whole experience was really fun!" - Jane, after observing an ant in Yosemite National Park for over an hour
Argiope Spiders
A Wandering Cat
Natural Observers

"After listening to the podcast, I asked my 2 yr old boy if he would be interested in observing something. He replied 'dump truck.' Knowing this was one of his favorite things to observe in the mornings of trash day we did just that. 

His observations were: (1) the truck is loud, (2) the truck is BIG, and (3) the trash stinks."
 - Kevin T. 

"I have to admit I didn't realize I've been so dedicated to this "project." I never knew what I would do with the data.

It just became a habit of checking every day." - Brenda
Gall Experiment

"And in trying laboriously to match them up to field classification guides, only 2 species seem to have edible fruit. So I guess we know that the Pacific Northwest is absolutely bustling with eye-catching fruit-bearing plants,

but when it comes to a hiking snack, better pack your own." - Natalie 
Satellite Image Anomaly
Unique Observation Settings
Celestial Observation

See every #ObserveEverything submission in the submission gallery here

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