Music heard on the air for June 19, 2014

The World
The World

The music played during our Iraq special co-production between The World and The Takeaway include the following songs:

SONG: Baghdad
ARTIST: Kazem el Saher
VIDEO: YouTube

    SONG: Longa Nakreez
    ARTIST: Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo
    CD TITLE: Mumtastic
    CD LABEL: Shusmo

    SONG: The Templeh of File
    ARTIST: Syriana
    CD TITLE: Road to Damascus
    CD LABEL: Real World

    SONG: Silent City
    ARTIST: Brooklyn Rider and Kayhan Kalhor
    CD TITLE: Silent City
    CD LABEL: World Village

    SONG: Haboob
    ARTIST: The Spy from Cairo
    CD TITLE: Arabadub
    CD LABEL: Wonderwheel Recordings

    SONG: Baghdad Blues
    ARTIST: Horace Silver
    CD TITLE: Baghdad Blues
    CD LABEL: Giants of Jazz

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