The man expected to be India's next prime minister just turned himself into a hologram

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When you’re competing for the hearts and minds of more 800 million voters, campaigning can be quite the chore.

For a massive outreach effort, BJP candidate Narendra Modi has come up with one strategy to be present at multiple campaign rallies at the same time.

It’s not teleportation. Modi is using a hologram. A 10-foot-tall 3D hologram of himself.

Campaign organizers say that the hologram allows Modi to engage with crowds and speak at multiple rallies simultaneously. Here's a map of Friday's appearances.

The holographic appearances were supposed to go live earlier this week at multiple locations around the country, but due to some technical glitches, according to the Hindustan Times, the rallies were postponed to Friday, and goals were scaled down.

The live stream, available online, was timed to begin at 7 p.m., Delhi time, but began later than scheduled. The speech lasted for more than 50 minutes, and was broadcast in 3D at some 50 locations around the country. And Modi didn't let the accomplishment pass without notice:

The event also took on a new dimension on social media, where the #3DModi hashtag was more than just a nod to the hologram.

This isn’t the first time Modi has used the hologram technique, though. When running for state elections in 2012, Modi gave a campaign speech as a hologram.

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