Make This Scary Short Screenplay

Studio 360

In our most recent listener challenge --- Studio 360's Scary Short Film Fest --- we dared you to spook the master of scare himself, filmmaker Wes Craven. More than 300 of you took on the task, uploading gruesome and convention-busting 30-second horror films.

We even got one entry by mail, from Penny Jones of New York. Her one-page treatment for Artic is a wild and imaginative horror collage, including this genre-defying scene:

Polar bear heaves up in New York harbor and eats the Staten Island Ferry and by now is towering over the skyline; not sure where to get the clips, an attack on the ferry must exist.

Huge mass of 100-foot-long seals slither up onto the Battery, moving like maggots and eating and knocking down everything in their path.

Read all of Penny Jones' scary short screenplay

A final challenge: can you bring Penny's boat-swallowing polar bear epic to life?

For inspiration, listen to our radio drama version above, narrated by Penny Jones herself.