Osama Bin Laden killed: How it happened

The Takeaway

Washington correspondent for The Takeaway Todd Zwillich explains how US forces found and killed Osama Bin Laden. Use the audio player above to listen to the story.

A summary of the events that led to Bin Laden’s death:

  • Four years ago, the United States first identified a pair of couriers who they believed were very close to Osama Bin Laden.
  • Two years ago, they narrowed down where one of these couriers lived.
  • In August of 2010, US authorities identified the compound.
  • This past Friday, the President gives the order to proceed.
  • A strike team made up of two helicopters land in the compound.
  • A firefight ensues, Osama Bin Laden is killed.
  • The strike team takes away Bin Laden’s body.

More coverage from the BBC:

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