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Ginny Thomas, in an interview with "The Takeaway" from somewhere in the Adirondacks, said she and Justice Thomas have been hitting the road for a while now, "Since we got our used motor home back in ’99, we’ve been to 27 states and we have found it’s a wonderful life."

Surprisingly, Walmart parking lots are a favorite for the couple, "We’ve been in dozens of Walmart parking lots across the country," said Mrs. Thomas. "Actually it’s one of our favorite things to do if we’re not having to plug in and we’ve got enough electricity … but you can get a little shopping in, see a part of real America — it’s fun."

When Justice Thomas is recognized, "it sort of puts a damper on things," said Mrs. Thomas.

"It’s not that there’s anything bad that happens when he’s recognized," said Mrs. Thomas. "What actually happens is we kind of get mobbed. We had to leave one site that, they got so friendly … they looked forward to seeing us every year that there’d be 20 – 30 people waiting for him to come out of the bus, so we just had to move on."

She says the tough economy isn’t going to stop a lot of campers, "Campers are very resilient … if gas goes up, or the cost of camping changes, or if it’s difficult to fit it in, they’re going to find a way to vacation. There’s a whole range of campers — from tents to pop-ups to fifth wheelers … they’re people who love their family, they love the simple life, they love to get away but not spend a whole lot of money … it’s the best of America out here."

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