Good Samaritan from burning car video describes rescue

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They’re calling it the miracle in Logan, Utah and you may have seen the video that bears that out. A group of about a dozen people lifted up a burning car and dragged out 21-year-old Brandon Wright, who had been trapped underneath it.

Turns out, Wright told police that he deliberately skidded his motorcycle down on the road to avoid colliding with the car. But then he got trapped underneath. Wright survived.

Tom Timken was one of the first to come to the rescue. He described the harrowing ordeal on Here and Now: “I could see one vehicle, and the vehicle in front of the vehicle was in flames, and I just stopped and asked, ‘everyone’s out aren’t they?’ And they said, ‘no a guy’s under the car.'”

Timken looked under the car and saw that the victim still alive. “I went around and started lifting and said, ‘let’s get some help, let’s get the car up and get him out.”

While attempting to lift the car, Timken kept yelling for more help, and eventually about a dozen people came to assist him.

In the video, Timken can be seen, in a blue shirt with gloves, trying to lift the car:

VIDEO: Bystanders Pull Motorcyclist Away From Burning Car:


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