Voices from Mumbai

The World
The World

A British businessman in one Mumbai hotel yesterday: I was in the elevator when the attacks began. We heard shooting in the lobby. One man signaled right away for us to get back in the lift and then he was shot in the back of his leg. I was able to get the elevator to go back up then.

This Australian actress only had time to hide in a broom closet: two men kept opening the doors to my room and I heard shots in the hallway but they didn’t find me.

At a restaurant, this owner says two of his waiters were killed by a grenade and then a gunmen shot some tourists: there are a lot of tourists that come to my restaurant. We tried our best to do what we could and we managed to get injured people into cars so they could go to hospitals.

This British tourist was taken hostage but not shot: the gunman asked for British and American tourists and my friend told me to tell them we were Italian. He managed to slip away unnoticed when they walked up more stairs.

For some though the hours of danger are still not over in Mumbai

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