Takeouts: health care bill, credit cards, World Series recap

The World

Washington Takeout: Our own Todd Zwillich joins us from Washington to discuss what may have made the cut in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s health care reform bill, due to be unveiled later this morning.
Business Takeout: Louise Story, finance reporter for The New York Times, says a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts [PDF, 910k] finds that 100% (yes, all) of the credit cards issued by the nation’s 12 biggest banks are in violation of the recently passed Credit Card Act. The new law goes into effect in February.
Sports Takeout: The Takeaway’s sports correspondent, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, recaps last night’s World Series game: The Philadelphia Phillies came to the Bronx and routed the New York Yankees 6-1.

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