South Africa’s FBI facing shutdown

The World

This elite police force quickly became known by the name �The Scorpions,� with the goal of bringing down crime and mob bosses and corrupt officials. Working independently from the regular police force, The Scorpions made themselves highly visible driving sporty black cars and often inviting journalists along. This analyst says that visibility made the Scorpions very popular. The Scorpions have put hundreds of criminals behind bars but its their deep delving into the politics of South Africa that have shaken the ANC. Their work lead to the suspension of the national police chief, a long time ANC supporter, and two years ago their investigations led the ousting of then ANC party chief Jacob Zuma. But Zuma has a large support base. at the ANC’s national convention in the winter, Zuma became the head of the party and his supporters have pushed forward a bill which will disband the Scorpions. Zuma’s supporters have justified this bill by saying the Scorpions have been unconstitutional. But a recent survey found that the Scorpions have more of the public’s faith than the police. The public’s frustration with the government has been evident on radio call in shows. The bill still needs approval from South Africa’s parliament but it’s believed it will be a done deal. This official says the disbanding of the Scorpions will roll back the advances made against corruption and crime in the country.

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