Sarkozy’s popularity problem

The World

This resident of a seaside village in France says among our problems is that purchasing power is going down. He voted for Sarkozy but says his life hasn’t improved. Sarkozy’s economic jump plan included tax breaks and a plan to extend the 35-hour workweek. Sarkozy recently told a group of factory workers that his work more-earn more slogan has become a reality. But many are skeptical: unemployment is up and the economy has slowed. And then there’s Sarkozy’s very public private life which has also damaged his image. Since taking office, Sarkozy has divorced his wife and gotten engaged to a supermodel. The resident earlier says Sarkozy’s private life has gotten under his skin. But Sarkozy isn’t a typical French politician: he’s the son of immigrants and didn’t attend the traditional schools favored by French leaders. His personal style sometimes gets him into trouble. Not everyone has given up on their president. This man says Sarkozy could regain his popularity if he becomes more discreet and shows his concern for the people. There are signs that Sarkozy is getting the message.

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