Pakistan and The Taliban

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This political scientist in Pakistan is from the tribal areas near Afghanistan. Not too long ago a man made his family an offer they couldn’t refuse: if you don’t support you, we will not support you. He’s certain his family can’t fight back. He says not everyone gets visits, but the militant groups do make radio broadcasts every night to the border areas. This is a speech by a Taliban supporter and in this clip he’s exhorting supporters to fight against Pakistan and the U.S. it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t blame the U.S. and its global war on terror for creating terrorism in Pakistan. This Pakistani political analyst is especially offended at claims that Pakistan isn’t doing enough to fight terrorism to justify the $12 billion dollars in foreign aid since 9/11. he says Pakistan has lost countless civilians and thousands of soldiers. He says Pakistan is dealing with a lot right now, much of it created by the U.S. war on terror. Another thing that wrangles people here is the U.S.’s duplicity when it comes to fighting its so-called enemies. This is what America did not understand when it invaded Afghanistan says this analyst and they still may not get it. Attacking Al Qaeda is not just attacking a rogue society, but a society that values tribal associations and tradition above all else, and the people of that society have been ignored by the West and Pakistan. This editor says engaging with people who are insurgents is the right thing to do. in fact, all the major players are talking about duplicating the Awakening Council strategy that seems to be working in Iraq, which calls for enlisting local tribesman to fight against insurgents. But that too has its drawbacks. This analyst says tribesmen won’t cut any deal with America unless they’re compensated for losses so far. But neither the U.S. or its allies have publicly considered compensation.

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