NATO’s Afghan challenge

The World

Afghan President told the new ISAF commander the two men would be working closely together, and there would be happy days and sad days. The General said the mission of bringing security and reconstruction must continue without missing a beat. The outgoing General is also American. Since his command, the number of troops he commands has grown by nearly 20,000. The new General says ISAF is short on resources. He says NATO forces have had success in counterinsurgency in places like Eastern Afghanistan but he says attacks in the area are still on the rise because Taliban and other fighters enjoy safe haven in Pakistan on the other side of the border. The months during the outgoing commander’s lead has been a violent time, but this analyst says that doesn’t mean the insurgents are getting stronger. He says ISAF troops alongside Afghan troops are taking the fight to the insurgents. He says the Afghan Army in particular is making great strides and has grown in size and there are about seven units who are capable of operating independently.

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