Make your pitch: why should you get LeBron?

The World

LeBron James becomes a free agent on Thursday and his NBA fate is still undecided. To help him out, we asked listeners and fans, why should LeBron come to your city? Fans from Miami, New Jersey and New York all had strong arguments for why he should come to their town. Peter Patakos from Cleveland, said he should actually stay there:

“The fact that he just means so much to the area here, he can just mean more. To turn his back for the extra money or extra exposure when he could have stood for things like community, loyalty, family staying in Cleveland and winning even one championship — he wouldn’t have to win more than that.”

Takeaaway sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin responds to pitches from Sarah Talalay, a Miami Heat fan; Mike Orama, a New Jersey Nets fan; Bob Matteson a Chicago Bulls fan; and Jeff Blank, a New York Knicks fan.

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