Listeners respond: your unemployment stories

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As unemployment benefits run out for millions of Americans, we’ve been hearing from you, about your own experiences with unemployment. Congress comes back on Monday, and may vote to extend benefits then, but the situation for many seems dire. Here are some of your stories:

Ashley from Toledo, Ohio, commented on our website:

I have been laid off for a year. I think the government needs a program to relocate people, because there are NO jobs in Ohio. My idea is to create a database of unemployed and if there is a job one qualifies for, then the government pays your moving expenses. Then the person is back to work and not receiving unemployment benefits. It is a win-win- A girl can dream!

Joyce from Oklahoma told us her story as well:

Last year I was let go because my employer and I had different philosophies — that is the reason he gave for firing me. It was really because he was a fast food junkie and a meat-eater; I am health conscious and vegetarian. Even though I had lived and worked in FL for more than 20 years, I discovered I was not eligible to receive unemployment compensation at all in any amount. Not a dime. To keep from losing my home I rented it out. I relocated to OK and am staying with relatives. After 4 months of looking every single day, I was finally able to land a temporary position making about half what I used to make. I am extremely thankful to be employed and making that much. I believe we should suck it up, either find work or make work if you can’t find it, put money in savings and not depend on the government or any insurance company to bail you out.

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