The journalist behind ‘Green Zone’ on the movie and the war

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Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass – the actor-director team behind the hugely successful “Bourne Identity” franchise – have a new action thriller in theaters today: “Green Zone.”

Inspired by the book “Imperial Life in the Emerald City,” the movie could potentially be the first blockbuster based on the Iraq War.

Ravi Chandrasekaran, former Baghdad Bureau Chief with the Washington Post and the author of “Imperial Life,” explains how much inspiration “Green Zone” actually took from his book, and whether the action flick is a “policy film.”

And Rafer Guzman, Takeaway contributor and film critic for Newsday, sheds light on why we’ve yet to see a commercially successful Iraq War movie.

And, it’s time for movie trivia. Can you answer this week’s trivia questions?

1. What leading actor portrayed someone wounded in Afghanistan and then recovered, only to be stronger than ever before? Name the actor and the movie.

2. This lead actress in a Denzel Washington movie was dead during the whole picture. Name the movie and the actress.

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